Otagenki SWAG has arrived…

Otagenki Swag: Hoodie, Yoga Pants Stuff just got real, I got my Otagenki SWAG back from Cafe Press. The top item is a pair of Yoga Pants with the logo on the rear end, the bottom is our dark Hoodie. Both are in Ninja black. I’m quite happy with how they came out…they look silkscreened.

The reason why I’m doing SWAG is the idea of this site becoming self-supporting. I’m jamming econo here as it is…the wordpress.com site is free and so is the LeFora forum. I know Cafe Press is expensive by comparison with some similar services but I think it’s worth it…these items are very well made and so is everything else I’ve gotten from CP lately. I want to be able to organize Otagenki events, at least here locally in the Los Angeles area, and I want to eventually have presence at local cons and maybe even organize events there. If Otagenki has financial resources of its own, there will be a better chance of organizing these things.

This is in its infancy, of course. However, I will be getting word out about Otagenki, and hopefully we can become a real live community soon.


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