Peaks and valleys…hello valley. (reprinted from Less Fat Chick)

Medians as of 2/2013

Mileage as of 2/2013

OK, this is where I’m at now. I was sick in December and also in February. My stats reflect these illnesses. I’m not proud of how much of a hit I’ve taken in my progress but progress is never a linear thing. There are valleys as well as peaks. However, this is the first day of March, and day one of any month is a perfect time to start over. Tomorrow morning I hike in Griffith Park with Ali Vincent and her posse, tomorrow afternoon is The Art Of Fit at Titmouse Cartoons. Today I’m prolly going to take a walk to Le Target…that’s an almost 5 mile round trip.

Time to kick it back into gear. Here I go…


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