The Otagenki spirit in the service of NERV!

Eva Pedometer AdDo you want to enlist in NERV and battle for the survival of Tokyo-3? It might only take a few steps!

Evangelion fans in Japan can now buy an Eva pedometer. There are four different designs: Rei, Asuka, Kaworu and a NERV “general issue” design that apparently has you on Team Misato. Mari is conspicuous by her absence, and of course there’s no Shinji design. Your choice of design allows you to compete to show who is the most beloved Eva character. Apparently this pedometer will upload data to a special site, and the amount of steps Japanese fans take will be votes tallied to see which character is most popular.

Well, I guess this is one way of getting Otaku out of the house and walking around in that Big Blue Room with the Big Yellow Light. It would be cool if this also came out here, but I get this feeling this is going to be an “only in Japan” kind of thing.

Crunchyroll — Health gadget maker prepares Evangelion pedometer


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