Gotta thank Dan from TOKYOPOP…

…because we got a whole bunch of new folks here thanks to one little post!

OK, just so people learn the lay of the land here, the basics.

Rule number one is borrowed from uber-Geek Wil Wheaton: Don’t be a…umm…JERK. (There might be kids here, gotta be careful.)
Rule number two: obey rule number one. Basically, be excellent to one another. Flame wars and trolling will be terminated with extreme prejudice by Yours Truly.

A suggestion, not a rule: please follow the “forum” tab on the menu bar and get an account set up at our LeFora forum. This is where I’m hoping a lot of discussion will be going on. I’m there as msgeek. It’s pretty easy to get an account there and I’m pretty sure it’s free. If it isn’t, please let me know, because it will make me very mad and I’ll have to go find another forum to use.

One very important rule, which actually falls under the rubric of “Don’t be a jerk”…no cutting down or criticizing people for their appearance. This is about HEALTH, not getting buff or looking like a model. It’s also not about what skill level or fitness level you are at. Saying snide things about noobs or wimps or whatever is not going to help anyone. One of my big things is acceptance at any size. Some people simply will not get skinny or will not get buff or whatever. We come from all over the world, and body type has a lot more to do with genetics than some in the fitness game will cop to. For instance, my ancestors are pretty much all from Eastern Europe. I’m sure you’ve seen women from that part of the world: most do not look like Natalya Sharapova.

Together we are way stronger than we can be separately. That’s the importance of community and support systems. That’s what Otagenki is all about. Let’s support each other, OK?

Lecture over. Recess time!


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