Go hack your burger!

Alfred Can Haz Cheezburger

The hamburger is sort of the American national dish. However, the usual burger is usually a nutrition nightmare.

One of my new favorite wellness sites, One Move Forward, has put together some tips on how to fix this normally scary dish and make it healthier. My only suggestion over and above this is to check out ground turkey as a replacement for ground beef. I’ve never looked back. I love turkey burgers and do not miss the beef variety.


They also tackle the Japanese favorite Okonomiyaki. I have a version of this, with further health hacks, that I will be posting as soon as I test the recipe.


One thought on “Go hack your burger!

  1. I loved both of your suggestions for my recipes! I’m also a fan of turkey burgers (and salmon burgers!), and I love the idea of using a whole grain flour for the okonomiyaki. I think the latter is a great way to squeeze in more veggies, but the recipe definitely has room to improve to make it more healthy. Let me know how the testing goes with your health hacks! 🙂

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