This is a really good idea…


I don’t always agree with everything I see on NerdFitness.Com, but this challenge is something I want to invite everyone following this blog to do.

This month is a short month. 30 days hath November, April, June and September. And there have already been two and a half days that have ticked away on September, so really, this is only a 27-day commitment.

Put on your hard hat, and do one healthy thing per day for the rest of the month. It is your JOB to do this now. The payoff isn’t a paycheck, it’s a new good habit. By the time you finish this less-than-a-month challenge, you will establish a good habit that will stick with you. I guarantee it.

I have done this before. On January 1st of this year, without making a big deal out of it and making a New Year’s Resolution, I stopped drinking diet sodas. The only stuff I drink with bubbles now is Club Soda, Perrier, 2 Cents Plain, or some other sparkling water. I guess Emergen-C also has bubbles, so that is another thing I will drink with bubbles. It’s not the bubbles I’m rebelling against, it’s chemical artificial sweeteners. I gave up Aspartame, Splenda, Saccharine and other Frankensweeteners. It was a big deal, because I stopped drinking regular sodas back when I was teenage. I get my caffeine now from unsweetened iced tea, iced green tea mostly. I brew it mega strong. It gets me through my day. I suppose if I can readily find a diet cola sweetened with Stevia Extract or Monkfruit Extract or Xylitol or some other plant-origin non-nutritive sweetener I might drink diet cola again. But then again the “caramel color” crap they put in cola to make it brown is also suspect. No biggie: I like my unsweetened iced tea. It’s one of those things I have on my training table all the time.

So yeah…either mention here on the blog or on the FB group (if you don’t belong I will let you in as soon as I see the request) what you are going to do as part of this Hard Hat Challenge. And then post it on Nerd Fitness too, to get in the running for that hard hat. Did I mention it was a contest? Whoops! Silly me! Yeah, you can win something! Go to the link, read the rules, and get in the running!


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