Announcement: Disabled List

I have come to an uneasy realization. My entire fitness regime is going to have to be reconsidered, because of my continuing problems with my plantar fascitis in my left foot.

Yesterday and now today I have been having intense pain there, centering on and radiating from the left side of my heel. According to my Fitbit, I walked a total of almost 9 miles yesterday through all the things I did.

The idea of walking twice that at a constant pace is looking like something I can’t do under the current circumstances. Yes, I have put all the stuff I have needed to do in action: massage, myofascial self-release, stretching, taping etc.

So unfortunately, unless there is a breakthrough, I will not be able to do the Friends of Richie Walk or any other long-distance walk anytime soon. This means missing walking the LA Marathon too. It is sufficiently close to these events to make this determination. Not thrilled with this, but this is my reality.


5 thoughts on “Announcement: Disabled List

  1. Hi! How is your PF going? I also have fitbit and overdid it with the walking and now have to deal with this, its not awfully painful but enough to not allow me to walk for more than 30 minutes 😦 Has it been getting better? are you back to walking?

    • It’s better. For one thing, I am wearing more supportive shoes. For another, I do stretches every day that stretch the tendons on the bottom of the foot. And I do crosstrain, particularly on my bike, although this past month I’ve really not done a lot.

      You really do need to see a doctor about this and get a referral to a podiatrist. They will show you a lot of useful things to mitigate your PF.

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