To a World of Gods and Monsters!


by Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass

(originally written for TOKYOPOP social media, not used)

It’s the Justice League, but they’re not the good guys. Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne, he’s Kirk Langstrom. In another universe, he was the villain Man-Bat. This time he’s the Batman…and he’s got a terrible secret. Superman isn’t Kal-El, he is the Son of General Zod. And Wonder Woman is Bekka, ex-consort of New God Orion, wielder of New God power, and as ruthless as the rest of the League.


The only reason why people would call the Justice League for help, is that the villains they fight are more vicious, more ruthless than they are. Harley Quinn is as depraved and crazy and murderous as The Joker. Braniac is out of control. And these are only the forces of evil that we have already encountered so far in the series.


In short, this is not the DC Universe that Bruce Timm brought you a generation ago, in Batman: The Animated Series, and Superman: The Animated Series. Bruce Timm is indeed directing and producing the shorts which are out now, and the Original Video Animation Gods And Monsters: Justice League, to be released at the end of July. Machinima has put all three shorts out, and you can watch them in a single binge view. We’ve conveniently embedded them at the end of this article.

So, what do you think? Is “going dark” on the animated DC Universe a mistake? Or is this an interesting take on a group of characters that, while sentimental favorites, are a bit stale and long in the tooth? Weigh in with a comment if you want to.

Gods & Monsters Chronicles Episode 1: “Twisted”

Gods & Monsters Chronicles Episode 2: “Bomb”

Gods & Monsters Chronicles Episode 3: “Big”



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