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Wishing you and yours the happiest of New Years!


Three stories about activity and children: Connecting the dots and asking questions

I really feel for the current generation of kids. The climate of fear really is keeping kids housebound and inactive. If children were raised like they were in, say, the ’70s, when parents would tell their kids “go out and play” after they finished their homework, there wouldn’t be a need for efforts like the Otagenki Project. The children of the parents who wrap their kids in bubble wrap will one day need to relearn how to play. It’s sad.


Story 1: How Overparenting Makes Kids Overweight

A study just published in the journal PLOS One is the first to prove a link between helicopter parenting and obesity: Between ages 10 to 11, the researchers found, maternal overprotectiveness “was associated with a 13 percent increase in the odds of children being overweight or obese.”

Warning: Story contains awful photo of fat kids enjoying food, watching tv, sitting on the sofa. Because we all know thin children never do that!

Story 2: Why I Walked to School Alone and My Kids Never Will

It’s no secret that raising kids today is nothing like it was a decade or two ago.

In fact, many moms say there’s no way they would let their children do what their own parents gave them free reign to do as kids.

“I remember taking the city bus with friends and riding to downtown Atlanta when I…

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Monster WOD…a little too much for me today.

Sometimes you kill the WOD, sometimes the WOD kills you.



I only got through one set before realizing that I was totally wiped out by this WOD. Will have to work up to this…deceptively difficult.

“Ali” WOD
Based on Ali Vincent’s motto, “I can do anything for a minute.”
5 rounds in honor of having been formulated 5 years after Ms. Vincent won The Biggest Loser, the first woman to win the competition.

1 minute alternating lunges
1 minute butt kicks
1 minute sprint, as fast as you can, 0:30 out, 0:30 back (I rowed at max intensity instead)
Samson stretch

All exercises are in minute increments, with a minute to change over to the next
All exercises are either AMRAP (As many reps as possible) or at max intensity over the minute they are performed.
5 rounds

(only completed one round this first time)
1 minute medicine ball slams (6# medicine ball, the only one I have)

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Home WOD: Planks and deadlifts and steps oh my!

Toughest WOD I’ve programmed at home yet!


I can do anything
Just give me a minute, please
Ali is right on target.

Home WOD 11:15 to 12:00, Thursday August 29th
Plank, held 1 minute
Speed Skaters, AMRAP 4 rounds 0:30 on 0:30 off
Deadlift 60# (80% of PR) 15 reps, 3 rounds
“California” Apple Box (12″) Stepping AMRAP 1:00 on 1:00 off, 3 rounds
Dumbbell Goblet Squats 22.2# 15 reps, 2 rounds (Intended 3, hit the wall at 2)

Notes: an Apple Box is a standard part of a Hollywood Grip‘s kit of stuff. It is an 8″x12″x20″ wooden box that is designed to bear a metric crap-ton of weight. Since I don’t have a Plyo box (yet) and I live here in the Thirty Mile Zone, I got one for my very own. It also doubles as a night stand next to my bed!

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WOD 3/10

Here’s my plan for today. Start by lunch at Tops in Canoga Park, a really good and healthy place. Then walk from there to Balboa Blvd, walk into Beilenson Park, do once around Lake Balboa, and end the walk at the Balboa Orange Line Station. Sounds good. Probably a little more than 8.5 miles, which is cool considering that 9.1 is my Personal Record.


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