Otagenki Panel at Anime Los Angeles!


Get Genki, LA Ota-zoku!

I will be doing a panel at Anime Los Angeles about first steps into a healthier lifestyle. I will hopefully have some friends with me to talk about their experiences starting a health and fitness regime, and I’ll be providing basic ideas you can incorporate into your life. And no, you will not become a jock doing this!

All the details are here…


…or on the Anime Los Angeles 10 Guidebook app, or on the Anime Los Angeles 10 schedule PDF.


The first Otagenki Report is up! A fun bike ride in Santa Barbara!

Yesterday I was out and about in Santa Barbara at Santa Barbara Open Streets…a lower-key version of CicLAvia, the huge event that happened 3 times this year in LA. This is the first time I’ve gone to one of these events and ridden my bike. This was incredibly fun, and I think the video I brought back says it all. Cycling is great exercise, almost everyone learned to ride a bike as a kid, and it really is true that you never entirely forget how to ride a bike. Bikes are easy to find at garage sales, and most big cities have bike collectives that sell refurbished bikes cheap and teach you how to fix or even build a bike for yourself. The bike I was on when I shot this was a garage sale find, bought 10 years ago, sitting stored for years and years and only recently fixed up and made roadworthy again. With my plantar fasciitis issues, cycling is a less stressful activity on that vulnerable part of my left foot. I actually did one of my miles yesterday in 5:16 which is a personal record!

Feel the love, share the joy, and GET OFF THAT COUCH! Otagenki!

Announcement: Disabled List

I have come to an uneasy realization. My entire fitness regime is going to have to be reconsidered, because of my continuing problems with my plantar fascitis in my left foot.

Yesterday and now today I have been having intense pain there, centering on and radiating from the left side of my heel. According to my Fitbit, I walked a total of almost 9 miles yesterday through all the things I did.

The idea of walking twice that at a constant pace is looking like something I can’t do under the current circumstances. Yes, I have put all the stuff I have needed to do in action: massage, myofascial self-release, stretching, taping etc.

So unfortunately, unless there is a breakthrough, I will not be able to do the Friends of Richie Walk or any other long-distance walk anytime soon. This means missing walking the LA Marathon too. It is sufficiently close to these events to make this determination. Not thrilled with this, but this is my reality.

Super 102!!! It’s never too late.

Here’s an inspiring story about a senior, Hidekichi Miyazaki, (I don’t think he’s related to the great Anime director…) who started running at 92, and now holds world records for sprinting speed. His training regimen is worth taking a really good look at, BTW…he’s not just doing Cardio here.


More from my friend Stu: Why Super 40?

OK, for all of you who are working on your Japanese comprehension, and also working on yourself as well, you might want to check out this video.

Stu says this is a summary of his philosophy on fitness, and his story about why he got into it in the first place. I think I know what he’s talking about here, since we’ve had conversations about this on other occasions.

Kicking science about weight training

The science is in about weight training. Low weight, high reps and heavy weight, low reps are just as good, provided you can tire out the muscles being worked out in 90 seconds. That’s just a minute and a half. Really low weight and lots of reps over a long period of time is just spinning your wheels. Check out this video, it’s excellent, and ACEFitness.Org is a great resource you should have in your Otagenki arsenal.

Adidas goes Otagenki with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!!

Adidas is no stranger to Asian Pop Culture…one need only look at Samurai Champloo and the oddly familiar Mon crests on a few samurai’s kimonos.

Now Adidas Japan has now paired with Otaku sweetheart Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for an Otagenki-friendly fashion statement. Liking this stuff!

Now if only they’d make this available here…