Otagenki Panel at Anime Los Angeles!


Get Genki, LA Ota-zoku!

I will be doing a panel at Anime Los Angeles about first steps into a healthier lifestyle. I will hopefully have some friends with me to talk about their experiences starting a health and fitness regime, and I’ll be providing basic ideas you can incorporate into your life. And no, you will not become a jock doing this!

All the details are here…


…or on the Anime Los Angeles 10 Guidebook app, or on the Anime Los Angeles 10 schedule PDF.


Wow, I’ve been remiss…

Here’s what’s been going on in the past months since I last updated…

1.) I attempted to organize an Otagenki walk at Anime Expo. Epic fail, the only person who walked the 2 mile course was me. Part of what I want to do with Otagenki is organize meetups, walks and hikes in my area (Los Angeles) and I totally went about it the wrong way.

2.) To that end, I have given up on using the forum service I was using for discussions here, and instead I’m going to go ahead and leverage Facebook for all the interactive parts of the site. Facebook group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/292922240852289/ Yeah, it’s a closed group, but I am pretty good about honoring requests rapidly. Facebook is simply too good for me to ignore. Sure, there’s tons about FB that sucks, but what it does well balances out.

3.) We have also had a Fitbit group for a while now, but I haven’t promoted it at all. That will change. If you have a Fitbit, please join here! http://www.fitbit.com/group/22CYDR

4.) I’m really getting into Crossfit. If you follow my other fitness blog, Less Fat Chick, I have documented my adventures with this very demanding and very cool way of working out.

5.) My friend Stu Levy has launched something that should be of interest to folks following this blog. He’s got fitness videos on YouTube. I’ll do another post about this…if you are working on your body and also working on your Nihongo you are going to find this an awesome tool.

Anyway, going to give this site a lot more love in the future. Let’s go Otagenki!